Hello beloved friends,

Welcome to a new year!! Thank GOD for allowing us witness yet another year. The message below is for all men.

It’s funny how men claim to have dated a beautiful woman, when the same woman is happily engaged to another man. I feel sorry for men who lie and gossip and their cohorts who believe these baseless lies!! I confronted my sister’s teacher who told her that his friend had alleged that he dated me once. I found that quite offensive because that is a plain lie. I wonder why men feel the need to do this. Some men, anyway!! I’m the last person anyone should do this to because I’m not controversial, i am not a celebrity, I do not hunger or thirst for fame and neither am i in love with the spotlight. I am a servant of GOD, my only passion and purpose on earth is to Know and serve GOD and to glorify HIM through my talents and love HIM in the broken-hearted so why someone would pick me out for this kind of rumour is still very puzzling to me.

Gossip is the devil’s radio station, many tune in, sadly. Christians should not be listening to gossip and they should not condone gossip.

I am aware there are many people with ill intentions in the world today which is the reason why i do NOT hug men, i only shake their hands and that’s it. I do not invite ANY MAN over to my house. I receive purely female visitors. I do not hang out with men at odd hours of the night. That is not me. I am not a party animal, I am an indoor person, books consume my time, mission trips too and spending time with the LORD; I have no time to mess around, I do not give the devil that chance to mess with my mind. So, if anyone (whom I’ve never dated) claims to be dating me or claims to have dated me before, you can be sure that’s a lie. My house is strict, I wonder by what means they gained entry into my house. Only shallow-minded people would spread lies and only shallow-minded people would believe lies.

If you have nothing worthwhile to talk about when you hang out with your male buddies, other than discussing a list of women you dated in the past, then please, take your gossip elsewhere. And exclude me!! I am not that type of woman, I have no time for baseless gossip and I will not tolerate gossip and lies and slander against me.

If you meet a man or woman and they are in a relationship, engaged or married, please, LEAVE THEM ALONE!! Spreading lies that you dated them or are dating them is not only un-Christian and wrong but takes GOD’s blessings away from you. Not to mention, you offend GOD with that because clearly, the priest says “What GOD has joined together, no man should put asunder” in the case of marriage and if you come between two people and break their covenant with each other, be sure that GOD is NOT HAPPY WITH YOU!!

When someone posts about Christian books and valuable Christian resources, no one is interested. They don’t want to further their knowledge or improve their minds; but when a controversial story or post comes up, everyone is interested, you see them sharing, retweeting, etc on social networks. Is this what your life has become? That happy stories cannot make headlines only controversial stories? Why can’t the world be interested in real issues like poverty, hunger and war and children who die of starvation? Why can’t you be interested in genuine world issues and be part of the process towards ensuring a happier humanity? Why can’t you support missionaries who have committed and dedicated their lives to serve the poor, leaving wealth and a comfortable life behind them as they sacrifice for the broken-hearted? It’s because of the world’s attitude and faulty requirements, that many men and women today are not themselves; many good men/women out there with genuine talents but because no one supports them when they are being themselves, they decide to become someone else; hence the disease of nudity, pornography, indecency, teenage pregnancies, illegal drugs, sinful sex/fornication, adultery, blasphemy, etcetera because these men/women feel that is the only thing that sells in the world today; the only thing that will bring bread to their tables. Do you have to push people this far?? People would spend money to buy magazines that feature the latest “Celeb gossip” but the same people would never donate or help a missionary who needs funds for a mission trip or even donate to poor and less-privileged. You fuel sin in the world instead of celebrating goodness!!

What even makes you think I would announce it if i were married with children? My duty is to protect my inner cycle. When GOD’s blessed you and you’re happy, the world is not happy for you; sadly, it is what it is, this is what the world has become. A world were out of no fault of yours, people just want to kill you and use voodoo and witch-craft to ensure you’re never successful. The fact you’re alive is even a problem for some people. Just like that!! They don’t want to see your face. And to the people who continually want to know my marital status, you’ll forever ask ‘till thy Kingdom come. Focus on what I have to offer, I am here to make JESUS known and loved; if that’s boring to you and you rather find my personal life interesting, then I have nothing to say. I however forgive every slander and lie, I forgive it and I have invited GOD into the situation; HE is a GOD of justice and where HE is involved, changes happen!!

They say women gossip alot but these days, men are far ahead in this sickening trend. You have 5 minutes out of your life, instead of spending it in a Godly way, you start to talk about women you’ve never dated; someone out there just breathed their last, they’d love to have that 5 minutes out of life that you take for granted.
As you read these words, I pray (If you’re guilty) you repent and come to see the light and know that there’s nothing profitable in being a gossip.

And may I remind you all that I wasn’t joking when i talked of going to Court and suing anyone who tries to stain my image.
That’s what legal houses are for. I will NOT be repeating myself the next time i hear lies.

JESUS Bless you all

Rita Pam

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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God Is Everything to Us

GOD. Friend, lover, creator, hope, on and on His titles go. The only being who knows you intricately, every detail of your life yet still loves you all the same. GOD has been a friend to many over the ages, from generation to generation and He is still a friend today. Someone you can talk to, anyday and any time. One who can help you just because He is goodness.

In this world we live in, it’s very hard to find a friend who will stand by you in every weather – cold or warm. There are friends who are there, by your side when times are rosy and leave you when times are hard. GOD is not like that. In His infinite goodness, He comes down to our level to be our friend, to console us in hard times, to listen to our prayers – both those we utter and the ones left unspoken.

Many may feel deserted, isolated and lonely during hardships. They may feel GOD’s abandoned them but i’ve got a word for you – GOD has never left your side and believe it, because it’s true. GOD is still active in our world today and He still speaks; the question, my friends, is are you taking the time to listen? We must be still to hear that quiet voice of reason which is GOD’s. We need to shut out the world’s noise to be able to hear Him. Shut out the noise of anxiety, anger, regret, malice, etcetera to hear Him speak to you. HE can speak life into your situation, once you’re sensitive enough to listen.

While the world gives you conditons and terms, GOD’s gifts are free. He requires and needs nothing from us; He is the source of all good, goodness Himself. He gives out of His bounty and abundance. The moment when you’ve lost everything and everyone and realize GOD is all you have, then He is the only one you need. We NEED GOD. He is a necessity in our day to day lives. GOD will keep you from losing your mind, He will keep you clear-headed throughout the storm, He will be a source of Hope when your situation seems hopeless. He is these things and much more to us. Don’t cry about being unfortunate for when you start to count your blessings – one by one- you’ll come to realize just how much blessed you are. The biggest blessing of all being knowing Him and experiencing His awesome presence in our daily lives.

Be a good soldier of CHRIST, in times like this is when the world needs to hear your loudest Hallelujah. When you worship Him in hardship, you’re taking your worship to a whole new level. Not many can reach this point of worship. Grumbling and complaining would seem the first thing to do when caught up in the thorns of life but when you elevate yourself, above your trials and go the extra mile by worshipping in hardship; that becomes true worship and it is pleasing in the sight of our Father.

Praise your way through!! When it’s sunny – sing. When it’s stormy – sing. And watch how you connect on a deeper level with our great GOD. You’d connect in whole new ways with HIM and you’d become a better follower of His.

May GOD Bless you as you learn to sing and praise in the times of trials and to always worship Him whatever your circumstances.

JESUS Bless you all

Rita Pam

My first miracle from St. Charbel




A miracle!!

Just few minutes, yes, few minutes back, i had chicken for dinner. It was a late dinner because i was so busy the entire evening. Okay, so after dinner, i started to have a very funny feeling. My chest and stomach hurt so terribly. The pain was so intense, infact, extremely intense that i had to drop everything i was doing and lie down for a few seconds. Suddenly, i felt i was losing breath. I started to pray “For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and the whole world” (Part of the Divine Mercy prayer) I turned this way and that on my bed as the pain grew intense. I honestly didn’t think i was going to make it and tell you all the story. Many things ran through my mind, all in just a few minutes. I felt maybe my body was reacting badly to chicken.

Now, it was only days back i’d read about St. Charbel in the January 2013 edition of the Messenger of St. Anthony. My sister was reading the article on him and recommended i do same. I was awed after i read about him and ever since, he became one of my favourite saints. I’ve been looking for a Novena to him for days now.

Back to the chicken-incident. So, as the pain grew intense, i placed my hand on my chest and prayed “St. Charbel, pray for me” That very instant… A Miracle happened. I have heard of instant miracles time and time again but this one was blazing fast. Within only a few seconds as i continued to say “St. Charbel, pray for me” the pain in my chest subsided as well as the pain in my stomach. WITHIN SECONDS, yes, ONLY WITHIN SECONDS, the pain had vanished altogether and i got up like the incident had never even happened. I just stood there, so shaken, filled with awe. Marveling at the wonder and greatness of GOD all over again and thankful for the help of His Holy Servant, St. Charbel.

I am back to normal now and the pain is all gone. But this incident is going straight into my diary. I want to take a moment to promote St. Charbel. I have now witnessed for myself how powerful his intercession is. Believe me, call to him in sincerity and he will be there to help and pray for you to GOD. And if anyone of you finds a Novena or devotion to him, please let me know. It’d be a plus if you can lay your hands on the January 2013 edition of the messenger of St. Anthony magazine. You will be filled with awe as you read about miracles that have taken place in his name.

GOD bless and remember, each and every one of us should aspire and aim for Sainthood!!

Rita Pam


My beloved friends,

How’s your Sunday going? Fine, I hope. Right here, I’m exhausted but decided to take a few minutes, just a few minutes to write you these lines. And I hope they bless you.

Many people under-estimate the power of listening. Yes, I’m going to be talking about the power of listening today. So, never under-estimate the power of listening, it can go a long long way. When someone comes to you with a problem, listen. If you’re talking and they’re talking, guess who’s listening? Nobody. Of course, you may have something to chip in or say, one or two things here or there but it’s courteous to let the other party finish first. This happens time and time again in arguments or rows; one party’s trying to say something and before they’ve even had time to finish off their sentence, you may ASSUME, you know what they’re trying to say and interrupt and in the end, you miss the whole point or leave out a few vital or cardinal points they’ve raised.

Even in normal conversations, listening is essential. You may ask a question or ask them to explain further about an issue and along the way, you interrupt. They might try to emphasize again, what they’re trying to say, but then, you interrupt and come up with your own points causing the other party to either shut down entirely, become disinterested in talking further or leave the conversation altogether. JESUS always knew what the scribes what had to say, HE is LORD but HE liked to listen to them nonetheless. Sometimes, they asked questions and sometimes they merely expressed foolishness in their words and actions; HE accomodated it all and had answers readily waiting for them which made them to come to the conclusion that HE was too smart for them. The reason why they were desperate to eliminate HIM.

Listening. This key to a bitter-free communication. The other party mightn’t listen sometimes but don’t be like them; give them the exact opposite and listen to them. Listening doesn’t necessarily mean you agree to their ideas or beliefs, it only shows respect. And it means you’re taking in every word they say. It’d be nice too (In heated conversations) to always ask “Have you finished? May I speak now”? Before speaking. Sometimes, words may not always be required but listening is essential. And it shows you are, of course, listening to whatever they have to say.

Conversations can serve to pull people together or tear them apart. Don’t get too engrossed in what you’re saying, that you OVERLOOK what the other party is saying. Misconceptions stem from not listening well, sometimes. And if you don’t understand something the other party’s saying, by all means, confirm by saying something like “I think this is what you’re trying to say, correct me if I’m wrong” Doesn’t hurt.

So, this is my two cents for today. Feel free to share how listening, genuinely listening to someone else has impacted your life and changed your conversations below.

GOD Bless you all as you seek to please HIM in everything that you do.

Rita Pam